ADW Consulting, Jakarta, Indonesia

ADW Consulting, located in Jakarta Indonesia – is a Business Advisory Services firm, using state of the art Information Technology to optimize business improvement initiatives, designed to streamline the Supply Chain by adopting best industry best practices. Our company’s strength lies in the integrating of people, strategy and technology implementation, by using Supply Change Management and Program Management Office (PMO) as strategic management tools. 
Our experienced and innovative professionals offer clients a one stop shop approach, by providing creative and holistic advisory services that bring sound business impacts.

MilDar is proud to have working partnerships with the best of breed industry leaders and subject matter experts around the world.

Alpha Technology Solutions, Washington DC, USA

Alpha Technology Solutions, headquartered in the Washington DC metro area, is an Information Technology company focused on serving small to large sized commercial businesses as well as the federal sector. Alpha Technology Solutions offers a wide spectrum of IT services and solutions that cover all angles of business requirements in today’s market. 

Coffey Consulting, Inc.

Coffey Consulting is a professional services consulting firm founded in 1986 that has been successfully delivering effective solutions to government and private sector clients covering research, evaluations, quantitative studies, surveys, technical assistance and training, acquisition management, facilitation, program integration, financial management, performance management, information technology (IT), and conference and logistical support.

MilDar always has the philosophy of being tool agnostic and to leverage existing tool stack. In our successful implementations in the past, we have used development and deployment tools developed by:
· Microsoft
· Google
· Oracle
· Cisco
· VMWare


Khairul Rizal, Director,  
Quest Geophysical Asia

Mr. Khairul Rizal has 28 years of experience in Exploration, New Venture, Business Development and Supply Chain Management in the Oil and Gas Industry in Indonesia. He joined Asamera Oil, a Canadian Oil Company in 1985-94 as project team lead and project manager. In 1995 he joined Salim Resources International, an Indonesian Oil Company as the director of Business Development. In 2000 his consulting work focused on initiating and improving company operation. He worked with Gulf Indonesia as a consultant until 2003. 

Mr. Khairul is one of the founders of Star Energy (Kakap) Ltd. After Conoco Phillips had passed on the block to Star Energy, Mr. Khairul was in charge of the company’s Efficiency and Change Management program. He supervised ERP implementation, corporate culture development and cost reduction initiatives. As one the company’s publications in (2005), Mr. Khairul presented his White Paper “Developing a Supply Chain Hub in the national Oil and Gas industry for efficiency improvement” at the Indonesian Petroleum Association (IPA) annual convention. The paper was awarded as the best document during the convention. 

Mr. Khairul earned his Master degree in Strategic Management (CUMLAUDE) and he graduated from Geophysical Department Institute Technology Bandung in October 1985 (WITH HONOR).
Mr. Khairul serves currently as President Director of PT Quest Geophysical Asia, one of several Seismic Acquisition company’s in Indonesia. He is also a certified instructor of International Purchasing and Supply Management (IPSCM), Indonesia’s representative for IFPSM (International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management) and is highly active in the country’s Supply Chain Community.

Jonathan Stigant, CEO 
Stigant Enterprises

Jon has spent 37 years surveying, making maps, checking spatial data quality, management and workflows, in the Royal Navy (6 years) and in O&G (31 years).  Jon spent 14 years at Chevron and 5 years at Devon Energy, as well as several years in contracting and consulting work onshore and offshore, worldwide, and enjoys helping to avoid multi-million dollar mistakes with coordinates!

High quality spatial data leads to more efficient operations and personnel time, reduced risk of well collisions, pipeline damage and trespass, and faster and greater reserve replacement, adding 5% or more to ROI ate reduced risk and minimal additional cost.

Papers published (downloadable from:

· Geospatial Data Quality and Mapping in Shale Plays – Technical and Business Impact
· Geospatial Data Quality And Mapping – Technical, Business And Future Geopolitical Impact
· Are your Geoscience Applications Maintaining the Integrity of the Geospatial Data
· Connecting the Dots-The Challenge of Enterprise Wide Spatial Data Management
· The impact of geodesy and GPS on GIS data management in international oil field operations
· Field trial of seismic compression for real-time transmission